The Mission of CARE 2 U

We are dedicated to enhancing the health of our communities by breaking the barriers between oral and overall health by delivering diagnostic, preventive, and non-surgical periodontal oral care services with compassion and care to under-served populations.

Care 2 U, Using Portable Dentistry, Brings Health Care That Goes Beyond Just The Oral Cavity.

Oral health is essential to the general health and well-being of all Americans, and it is a window into the health of the body. Signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infection, and diseases that affect the entire body can first become apparent through regular visits to the dentist. When professional oral care is unavailable, oral disease can cause infections that restrict activities in school, work, and home. This can often significantly diminish quality of life. Those who suffer the worst are the poor, with children and older adults particularly vulnerable. Members of racial and ethnic minority groups also experience a disproportionate level of oral and overall health problems. Care 2 U Oral Health Administrative Services brings oral health services to the people of the community that‘s being forgotten.

Many serious and potentially life threatening health conditions can be detected early-on by way of oral health exams, leading to earlier care and lower cost to individuals and insurance providers.

These diseases cost the U.S. health system $213.8B a year and $137.4B in lost productivity due to premature death. This means up to 180,806 Stanislaus County residents will be impacted, according to the Surgeon General’s figures.

23,559 children (4.3%) went to the ER for a dental related issue in Stanislaus County in 2017 alone, compared to 1.3% of children who went to the ER in all of California.

Tooth decay is the #1 preventable disease in the world. But for many children, treatment is out of reach. They live each day in pain, lost teeth and risk dangerous infections.

Care 2 U Is Here To Change That!

Children who reported having recent tooth pain:

  • Cause more absences from school for kids, and more missed work for parents
  • Elementary students miss 2.1 days PER YEAR and high school students miss 2.3 days due to dental issues

The major roadblock to school-based oral heath programs has been the physical distance between Dentist and Patients. Care 2 U closes that gap of physical distance by bringing needed oral care to the patient.

Is your loved one cared for by someone concerned about their WHOLE health? The odds of nursing home patients’ dying from Aspiration Pneumonia are 3 times greater than from any other condition

Veteran’s benefits do not usually cover oral care services. There are over 120 homeless veterans in Stanislaus County.

Services We Provide

Initial Assessment

  • Oral Evaluation
  • Oral Photos, Video and X-rays
  • Oral Cancer screening
  • Periodontal Screening

Oral Care Services

  • Data Evaluated by a Licensed Dentist
  • Individual Oral Care Plan
  • Cleaning and Flouride Treatments
  • Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatments

Dental Supplies

  • Posterior and Anterior Triple Trays

Care 2 U offers educational programs in oral systemic link to schools, senior centers hospitals, caregiver organizations and the community.

Theresa Sheppard, RDA


Theresa Sheppard is the Founder and Executive Director of Care 2 U Oral Care Administrative Services. She believes in treating the whole patient and developing collaborative relationships with all disciplines of healthcare providers.
Theresa is a Registered Dental Assistant, Speaker, Consultant, Teacher & Author, with experience in all clinical and administrative aspects of the dental practice. A California Radiation Safety Course Provider, Dental Board of California Continuing Education Provider, and Founder of Career Express Dental Assisting School, Theresa is also a member of many professional organizations and honored to serve on the Stanford VA Brain Health Citizen Scientist Advisory Board.

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Theresa Sheppard, RDA to bring any oral health care needs you may have to your community.  Theresa has been a part of our Care Team at Bethel Retirement Community since 2018, providing her experience, knowledge, and education on oral health care to our residents and care team…Along with her undeniable talent, Theresa has always been an absolute joy to work with…As a dedicated, knowledgeable, and an all-around great person, I know that she will be a beneficial addition to your community.

Kim Viviano

Executive Director of Assisted Living, Bethel Retirement Community


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